Can Birds Be A Nuisance !

Apart from Feral Pigeons and Starlings there are several other species of bird that regularly infest buildings causing serious damage to property and equipment and creating an unsightly mess. In particular, swallows, jackdaws, crows, gulls, rooks, and magpies can be a considerable nuisance if they are allowed to habituate to a particular location.

Are Any of These Birds !









Causing This Damage & Mess !









If So.. We Can Help Solve Your Problem

We are specially trained to remove birds without causing undue stress or injury to them. This is also a practical and economical approach. Inhumane killing and the use of pesticides for bird control is illegal. Removing breeding birds leaves the chicks to die in the building, thereby attracting parasites and causing further health risks. The removal of bird carcasses is a time consuming, costly and unnecessary process. Unlike our competitors, we focus on education and prevention, which is a more holistic solution for all concerned. Call us on 087 6410206 / 086 1982849, and we can advise on the Bird Control solution for your particular problem.


A Few Bird Facts
Birds will nest just about anywhere that can provide shelter, including roof vents, wall vents, chimneys, soffit and roofs.
Sparrows, starlings and pigeons do not make neat nests. They tend to be quite messy and can extend over several feet in a vent or chimney pipe. This poses a serious fire hazard.
Bird droppings can cause permanent damage to building materials and automobiles if left unattended.
Bird droppings are acidic and will eat into painted surfaces.
Birds often gravitate to warm nest sites like chimneys, vents and attics.
Nests in chimneys and vents can block the proper exhausting of carbon monoxide and moisture. This can cause carbon monoxide build-up and mould, both highly hazardous.
Mites, ticks and fleas are commonly found in birds' nests. Inhaling bird feces can cause an incurable disease known as histoplasmosis, characterized by constant flu-like symptoms.
The very young, very old and those with impaired immune systems are at greatest risk for severe illness from histoplasmosis.
Home and business owners will hear, see or smell the birds in the building. Birds are more noticeable when building nests or caring for their young.
Most sparrows and starlings lay 6-7 eggs twice per year. Pigeons can lay 2-4 eggs all year round. One or two young usually die in the nest.
Telltale visual signs of bird entry points are broken vents, bird droppings and protruding sticks and leaves.
Sparrows can fit through an opening the size of a golf ball.
Simply fixing the vent doesn’t work. They will either re-enter or continue to feed their young through the vent.
The most effective method to get rid of birds is to remove all the birds and nesting material and completely seal all potential entry points.
Leaving the birds’ nest in the vent, chimney or roof/attic is not recommended.
The bacteria and parasites in the nest as well as baby bird carcasses will cause severe odour and potential health problems.